MSCHF has once again pushed the envelope with their latest footwear creation. The new boot is an avant-garde piece that epitomizes the brand’s flair for challenging conventional design boundaries. Dubbed the “2×4” boot, the boot’s entire body, mimicking a shoe’s sole, plays with the concept of functionality and form.

The campaign for the “2×4” boot is as unique as the shoe itself, featuring legendary filmmaker Spike Lee. Adding a layer of familial creativity, the campaign is lensed by Satchel Lee, Spike Lee’s daughter, who brings her own artistic vision to the forefront and capturing the boots in a light that reflects their bold spirit.

The design of the “2×4” boot unabashedly plays with proportions and textures to create something that is both visually arresting and conceptually profound. The traditional layers and components that make up a boot are reimagined into a single, cohesive entity, emphasizing MSCHF’s penchant for creating a striking visual impact.

Those eager to step into a pair of “2×4” boots can mark their calendars for March 19 at 2 p.m. EST. Available at and through the MSCHF Sneakers App, the boots will retail for $400 USD.


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