Paris Texas doesn’t follow the rules — but for the subversive rapper-producer duo, there really are no rules to begin with. They make energetic hip-hop music that can’t be boxed in, pulling sounds and influences from a variety of sources, inspiring Vans to team up with the two. Still, one thing that has always remained true since they teamed up in 2010, is that the Compton-based duo generally does not make music confined by industry standards.

Everything Louie Pastel and Felix create is the product of their unconventional creative vision and affinity for coloring outside the lines. Though their mediums may shift, from music to short films to video games, their free-flowing approach remains. Channeling their infectious energy into yet another expressive project, Paris Texas has teamed up with Vans to show off the Vans Knu Skool, a bold model that encapsulates their relentless authenticity.

Vans demonstrates its slogan, Off the Wall, by creating designs that embrace a youthful spirit and champion individuality. The Knu Skool, a ‘90s style inspired by the Vans signature sneakers of the past, is all about bringing forth the most genuine version of yourself. It maintains the classic ‘90s silhouette’s retro shape but with the addition of newer, bolder design elements including a puffed-up tongue, chunky laces, and a 3D-molded Sidestripe™. Like Paris Texas brings together many opposing elements — such as meshing the old and the new — within their music, the Knu Skool bridges the gap between music, skate, and fashion.

Hypebeast caught up with Louie and Felix to discuss their creative inspirations, how nostalgic elements inform their craft, and how they align with Vans’ Off the Wall ethos.

​​What personal connections did you have to Vans growing up?

Felix: I’ve always thought the Old Skool was such an interesting silhouette. Really good color blocking on that shoe.

Louie Pastel: The Pack (Rap Group)

In your music, you pull from many different inspirations. How does that carry over into other forms of expression, like clothing or footwear?

F: We make hip-hop, but I grew up with hip-hop in a different context though, so I just try and express my clothing or footwear the same way I approach music. Try some sh*t and try to bar up.

L: I try to keep my clothing and footwear ‘off the wall’ but tame. I don’t wanna stand out but I wanna be different.

How do you two balance each other stylistically?

L: We both let the other swag it out.

This campaign’s focus is “Old Meets Knu,” highlighting the evolution of Vans’ signature styles through the years. In your music, you also bring together various elements, mixing the old and new and bringing in the unexpected. How do you continually keep people — including yourselves — on their toes?

F: It’s all perspective. When you have a unique way of explaining something, it will always be new.

L: By not trying to keep people on their toes. Just being me as much as possible. Results may vary.

Your approach to your music is humorous and Vans’ “Off the Wall” slogan embraces that same youthful spirit. How do you continually maintain that laidback energy in all of your creative projects?

F: Just have fun — we’ve gotta have more fun.

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