Diving headfirst into the premium goods market, encompassing both trendy and luxury items, is an adrenaline-fueled adventure, definitely not intended for those who play it safe.

You’re avoiding fakes at every turn, wincing at sky-high fees, and feeling the gut punch of missing out on exclusive drops. Traversing traditional resale platforms is like navigating a lawless frontier. Then there’s POIZON, a globally leading, professional, and trusted community and marketplace, that goes beyond the allure of sneakers to offer a diverse range of high-end products as well.

With over 350 million users worldwide, POIZON Group is more than just your typical marketplace; it’s a curated haven for discovering, copping, and sharing authenticated premium goods and brands, including Nike, GUCCI, Jordan, BURBERRY, New Balance, Chanel and more. POIZON Group has cemented its status through high-profile collaborations, ranging from the avant-garde elegance of LVMH LOEWE’s Cloudtilt sneakers to unique partnerships with Balenciaga and Disney. POIZON stands at the intersection where luxury meets streetwear.

Why choose POIZON? POIZON Group has an unmatched global authentication record: with over 400+ million authenticated products, 13+ consumer categories, 1500+ brands, and 100,000+ products.

Avid sneakerhead and POIZON customer, Tejumola Oriade, tells us: “My experience with buying fakes occurred to me as a personal shopper…where I bought a replica of the Nike OFF-WHITE Air Jordan 1 High Chicago which felt so bad because I paid thousands for it back then. Unfortunately, I had little publicity to call out the vendor.

POIZON Group excels in all categories in terms of authentication, categories, brands and products. Plus, POIZON’s cutting-edge AI authentication process is quick and user-friendly – just upload a picture of your product on the POIZON App, and in three minutes or less, you’ll have your results. To top it off, POIZON now offers five free online authentications per month, making it even easier to shop with utmost confidence With POIZON, you’re not just choosing a service, you’re choosing assurance and reliability in the world of premium goods.

What sets POIZON apart is its ability to prioritize security and trust through its “authenticate first, then ship” model, ensuring that every piece you get goes through a rigorous quality check and authentication process. You can shop with confidence knowing each item is meticulously inspected by a combination of AI and a 10,000-strong global team. Plus, hassle-free returns and 24/7 customer service ensure a seamless experience for both buyers and sellers, a rarity in the sneakers and luxury marketplace.

Here’s a testimonial from satisfied customer, David Ly:

“With POIZON’s AI and expert-driven authentication process, the process has been excellent…if there were problems, I would be able to get it swapped or refunded, which is rare. The combination of advanced technology and human expertise has significantly boosted my confidence…knowing that each pair undergoes rigorous scrutiny…gives me peace of mind as a buyer. My buying experience has been excellent so far. The first pair of sneakers I purchased was a limited-edition release, and I was thrilled to secure them without any hassle. The sneakers arrived promptly and were exactly as described. The assurance of authenticity…makes it a worthwhile investment for sneaker enthusiasts like myself.”

The testimonial isn’t just marketing fluff; it’s a voice from a dedicated sneaker fan, validating POIZON’s impact and resonating with like-minded sneakerheads who share a similar passion. In the dynamic world of sneaker culture, where authenticity is paramount, POIZON is setting a new standard at Got Sole in LA on March 16. POIZON will provide free authentication by both AI and human experts.

So, why wait? Sign up for an account on POIZON for your chance to win some grails that aren’t just good: they’re “dangerously good”. Double your entries by downloading the POIZON app, and step into a world where authenticity and community meet the thrill of the hunt.

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