The tug-and-pull between pushing new products and keeping sustainability in mind is a tough battle that all footwear brands face. For New Balance, it has a new platform that is looking to aid its commitment to its sustainability goals — introducing the Reconsidered resale program.

Launching today in the United States, New Balance Reconsidered features pre-owned New Balance shoes for sale, sourced via returns and trade-ins. For consumers looking to trade-in sneakers, this can be accomplished via mail-in, and eventually, at New Balance storefronts. Vouchers for shopping on the New Balance website are given for eligible pairs that are traded-in, with values based on the seasonality and condition of the kicks.

“We know the footwear industry has a significant environmental impact, including too many products ending up in a landfill. There are many things that have to shift. Launching Reconsidered is one piece of the puzzle with a program objective to help extend product life for some of our product and get the most from what is already made,” shared John Stokes, New Balance’s director of sustainability.

For those interested in checking out the New Balance Reconsidered platform, its website launches today with more info. Stay tuned for updates as its in-store pilot program is set to debut at eight locations later this year, with additional storefronts expected to join after the initial test period.

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