Zellerfeld is gearing up to change the footwear game with the announcement of its new open platform for 3D-printed footwear.

With the new platform, the German and United States-based tech company is gearing up to alter the landscape of footwear creation. Instead of going through several vendors, manufacturers, etc., the open platform will allow creators, designers and brands to execute the entire creation process with Zellerfeld. That includes uploading designs/styles, ordering with the tech company and launching their newly crafted 3D-printed footwear.

Zellerfeld has built quite the portfolio as it has worked with brands like Heron Preston, Louis Vuitton, KidSuper, Moncler and more – solidifying itself as a leader in 3D-printed footwear technology. With its new open platform, the brand is set to go even further than previously imagined.

“Everything we’ve done culminates in this moment,” said Cornelius Schmitt, CEO & Co-Founder of Zellerfeld. “We’ve sharpened our technology and processes through alliances with industry titans to unleash an open platform that reinvents footwear. This isn’t just a launch; it’s an all-out revolution. We’re here to obliterate the old guard and rebuild footwear from the ground up and are not stopping until we succeed.”

The open platform is set to launch by integrating with the company’s creator studio, Zellerfeld Studio, which allows designers to upload and produce their designs quickly. As Zellerfeld continues to grow its printing facilities, it is introducing $10 production slots as exclusive access to Zellerfeld footwear – function as a reservation system in the company’s production queue.

Head over to Zellerfeld to access $10 slots and forthcoming details about the new open platform.

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