Recently, in Bangkok Thailand, Wasted Collective joined forces with Siwilai Radical Club to release the full lineup of its Earth Shoe 01. The two also organized and hosted a neighborhood clean-up dubbed “WALKING AND RECYCLING” — activating the local community and raising awareness around the need for sustainable fashion.

First launched in late 2023 and now available through major retailers in over eight cities around the world, the Earth Shoe 01 represents what’s possible on the footwear front when it comes to creating with an eco-conscious approach. The shoes feature Wasted Collective’s trademarked “Rewalk” Mold Technology, which utilizes wasted material from the production lines of various factories to produce its comfortable and capable 100 percent recycled grind rubber outsole.

To form the rest of the shoe, various other waste materials are put to use, this includes recycled mesh for the tongue and foxing, recycled polyurethane for the webbing, recycled plastic for the spring buckle, recycled waxed cotton for the laces and recycled vinyl for the logo. In terms of fitting, the shoes offer a wider than standard toe-box for increased comfort as well as added arch support for stability.

“The most comfortable piece of trash”

Interested in learning more about the shoes, cleanup initiatives and overall approach to sustainable footwear, we caught up with Isaac Larose, the Global Creative Director of Potato Head, the parent company of Wasted Collective.

When and why did you start Wasted Collective?

A year ago, we teamed up with Dover Street Market and Potato Head in Bali, to launch our first prototype, Earth Shoe. The idea was very simple: reimagining waste. Make the most comfortable piece of trash.

How has it evolved since?

Since then, we’ve been organizing clean-ups in cities like Tokyo, London, Singapore, Bali and now Bangkok. Connecting with like-minded people around the globe.

Can you share more details on your Clean-Up initiate?

It’s all about community and good times. Imagine a crazy Bali sunset, sipping drinks, while doing good for the planet — that’s the Wasted Collective way.

Picking up trash raises awareness about waste and sparks meaningful conversations in our community. Since last year, we’ve hosted regular clean-ups at Petitenget Beach twice a week and partnered with local businesses to maintain momentum.

While cleaning the beaches isn’t a complete solution, it builds a strong community and inspires changemakers. Our goal is to drive global change through local action and we’ve seen positive shifts in how people think about waste. The events are fun, with great music from DJ friends and support from community radio stations. Join us for a good time and to make a real difference.

Can you tell us more about the Earth Shoe 01?

We aim to craft timeless products that make a lasting positive impact. Our design ethos is rooted in a simple principle: “follow the waste.”

Earth Shoe 01 embraces simplicity, organic shapes and earthy tones inspired by the nature of Bali. Simply utilizing waste materials to create comfortable footwear.

Throughout the design journey, we challenged ourselves to find creative solutions that minimize our environmental footprint while maintaining design simplicity. This included researching eco-friendly materials, redefining the boundaries of footwear manufacturing and experimenting with new design techniques. By balancing visual appeal and sustainability, we aim to inspire others to rethink their approach to footwear. Regenerating waste is more than just a lifestyle, it’s our design philosophy.

Additionally, we spoke with Siwilai‘s founder Barom “Tay” Bhicharnchitr, who shared more about what the collaboration means to him and his reason for partnering with Wasted Collective.

How did your collaboration with Wasted Collective come about and how does it align with Radical Club’s goals?

We’ve been collaborating with Potato Head for a few years now and we’ve been friends for a long time. We started stocking them at the Siwilai Store a few seasons ago — we just really like their shoes and what they’re doing so we decided to do this clean-up with them as the first of a series called “Walking and Recycling.”

You’ve worn the Earth Shoe 01, what are your thoughts on them?

I really love the aesthetics and the design of it. They’re very comfortable to walk in and I find myself traveling with them quite a bit. More importantly, I really like what it stands for, to push the movement of using waste to make a product that we can use on a daily basis. I really like that whole concept and want to support that initiative.

Do you see sustainable fashion as a trend or as the future of the industry?

I hope it’s not a trend, I’d like to see it become a part of our lifestyle, with people considering how we manage waste and use waste in a better way. Essentially, how do we use these plastics and waste items in a way that doesn’t hurt the earth, so I hope it doesn’t come and go but instead becomes a part of our lifestyle.

That’s why we decided to make Radical Club, to further embrace and be a part of this movement. We at Siwilai really believe in this contribution and this movement for humankind.

Contribution in any way, big or small, is important, it at the very least keeps the conversation going and the awareness going. Hopefully one day it will be much more present, whether through corporations, brands, or people’s daily lifestyles.

Lastly, we asked Barom if we could expect to see a Siwilai orange Earth Shoe 01 anytime soon, while he didn’t answer the question directly, he did say that “anything is possible” and that Radical Club certainly plans to continue with its clean-up initiatives.

For those interested in grabbing a pair of Earth Shoes, they are available via Siwilai Store and Siwilai Radical Club in Bangkok or globally online through Wasted Collective’s official site. The shoes come in colors like Moss Green, Ash Grey, Volcanic Black and Sand White.

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