Salomon’s main approach to footwear design is curating styles that are useful for everyday wear. One silhouette that encapsulates this more than most is the XT-6 — and the shoe’s latest campaign highlights this through the hustle and bustle of inner-city London.

Linking up with London-based artists Teoni and Atlantic, the duo have quickly become two of the hottest painters in the Big Smoke. Teoni is a fine artist who focuses on romanticising the everyday through figurative art, while Atlantic is a skater and artist, who highlights his environment and the people of his culture through unique and striking pieces.

The duo have continued to hone in on their crafts through Olaolu Slawn’s Art Club hosted at his hot-on-the-block BeauBeau’s cafe, with the space morphing into a location that prides itself on being a hub for the community since its opening last year. The cafe has also become a space that allows those looking to break into creative industries to surround themselves with like-minded individuals.


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BeauBeau’s Cafe has quickly become a regular, go-to spot for a slew of Londoners since its opening, with the space establishing itself as a firm part of everyday life. This same essence of routine and comfort is what Salomon’s XT-6 silhouette is all about. The shoe is a regular rotator for Teoni and Atalantic — and this is showcased in Salomon’s latest campaign.

“BeauBeau’s has created a beautiful community of like-minded people that are literally just trying to create and be seen,” Teoni told Hypebeast. “It’s helped me get my artwork seen by a wider community that I would have struggled to do on my own. That’s the whole point of the Art Club too, we just want people to feel like they’re not alone on their creative journey. We feed off everyone’s energy in that room which will further inspire our work and life outside of BeauBeau’s.”

Despite funding cuts to youth services now reaching over £1 billion GBP  since launching last year, BeauBeau’s has seized the initiative itself to provide a space for creativity to thrive in inner-city London – with Teoni and Atlantic just two regulars that have reaped the rewards from doing so.

Utilizing Art Club and BeauBeau’s to help develop their innate talents, Teoni and Atalantic have become two of the most exciting talents in the city. This much has been recognized by Salomon, whose latest campaign celebrates the duo’s growth.

Check out the new Salomon campaign featuring Teoni and Atalantic above and be sure to head to the official Salomon website to shop the XT-6 silhouette now.

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