Feid and Salomon go way back — literally. The reggaetón superstar, born Salomón Villada Hoyos, shares a name with the brand and is a longtime fan and collector of its products. Last week, the connection between Salomón and Salomon came full circle, as Feid was named Salomon Sportstyle’s newest global ambassador.

“It’s cool that people can buy the brand knowing there’s a guy from Medellín working with them and doing his thing,” Feid says from his hotel in Los Angeles. The partnership is a first for both parties, as it’s the seven-time Grammy-nominated artist’s first step into the footwear realm and Salomon’s first full-fledged partnership with a musical artist. The partnership began with a curated selection of Feid’s favorite Salomon products, and the brand promises “future integration” into the artist’s upcoming 2024 tour as well.

Feid notes that he relies on Salomon gear as his uniform for both his creative pursuits and fitness endeavors, much in the same way that Salomon Sportstyle’s products, once firmly geared towards performance, have found a new audience in the lifestyle sphere. Salomón’s home of Medellín, Colombia and Salomon’s base of operations in Annecy, France, may be worlds apart, but, as the partnership shows, compelling design and a good story can make up any distance. “Together, Feid and Salomon are poised to enter new realms of expression and inspire footwear enthusiasts around the globe,” said Jenny Taylor, Salomon’s North American president of marketing. “Collaborating with a unique talent like Feid expands Salomon’s growing global reach by connecting with a younger, more diverse audience, and forges a unique connection between artistry and footwear.”

As for collaborations? They’re on the way.

“That’s a dream,” says Feid with a smile. “I want to put a lot of love into it and make it as well as I possibly can.”

What are you the most excited to bring to Salomon?

I’m excited to bridge the gap between music and sport — to me, music is just like a sport. I have to train, work out and work with my vocal coach. It’s all about the rehearsals and the things I do around my shows. To be successful, into the music and into a project you have to stay focused and work just like an athlete. I think this partnership brings those worlds together, and it’s cool that people can buy the brand knowing there’s a guy from Medellín working with them and doing his thing.

You’ve got to leave your house in five minutes to catch a flight and you haven’t packed yet. What three pairs of Salomons are you taking?

The XT-4, XT-6 and ACS Pro Advanced. If I had to bring just one style though, I would be cool with the XT-4s. I always do my shows in the “Eden/Bright Lime Green/White” colorway, and they get even better with wear. The second, third, fourth shows are even more comfortable than the first. I love how the XT-6 looks with jeans though, and the ACS is a super-versatile shoe that goes with pretty much everything I wear.

Collaborations will be a piece of of you and Salomon’s partnership in the future. What about collaborating are you looking forward to the most?

We’ll have a few special colorways coming out and they’re preparing my own shoe for the future as well. That’s a dream, so I want to put a lot of love into it and make it as well as I possibly can.

You noted the XT-4 is your performing shoe of choice, but you’re an avid hiker as well. What Salomon silhouette do you like to hike in, and where’s your favorite hike?

When I’m home in Columbia, I’ll go to this place called El Ceremanio. It’s not super popular. It’s just a road that is super close to where I used to live in Buenos Aires. And as far as the shoe, it’s still the XT-4. That’s my favorite pair no matter what.

What’s your preferred method of rocking Salomons? Quicklace system tucked or out?

For a normal day, I’ll just rock it loose. I know there’s the paper in the box that explains how they work. I just go with what feels right, the same way I do with my flow. Sometimes I’ll tighten them up a bit if I have an intense show coming up, but that’s not common.

Learn more about the partnership and check out some of Feid’s favorite silhouettes on the Salomon webstore

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