Sustainable footwear brand Rider and Brazil-based storefront Your ID announce an exclusive collaboration that brings together traditional Japanese design codes and streetwear culture. The Rider SLX + Your ID slides come in two colors (black and beige) and include a unique amulet, known as omamori. In Japanese culture, omamori are pieces of paper or wood engraved with messages of luck.

“Living the present and seeking the future without forgetting the past and its origins, that was a point we sought in this collab,” says Cris Efx, brand manager of Your ID.

The slides combine various elements of Japanese culture with Rider and Your ID’s signature aesthetics. The upper is coated in a jacquard fabric that features a print solely designed for the collaboration. On the pull tabs, an icon in the shape of a fan emerges to celebrate the union between the brands.

“Each omamori has a purpose, and we chose two to continue walking towards the future, bringing this tradition along with us,” explains Cris. In black, the katsumori amulet is featured, which is believed to attract positive energies. The beige model features inscriptions on the insole and central ribbon of yakuyoke, a more traditional amulet that wards off negative energies.

Beyond the amulets, additional design elements elevate the uniqueness of the partnership, including a lenticular effect on the central ribbon, embroidery with lurex thread, and exclusive prints.

Rider SLX + Your ID is priced at R$399.99 and will be available on and

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