Rider and Pedro Andrade join forces once again. Following two highly sought-after collaborations, the Brazilian streetwear label and fashion designer return to launch a new iteration of the R Next sandal. This launch marks the continuation of a partnership that began in 2017 and the start of a new chapter in Andrade’s career—the sandal is the first release from Andrade’s eponymous and independent brand.

“I like to create ‘weird’ things that incite a certain sense of intrigue in people,” Andrade tells Hypebeast. “The R Next sandal was born from a desire to take Rider into a more contemporary fashion realm and was created at a time when I was researching uniform fastenings. With this collaboration, I also wanted to reference Brazil, vines, organic lines, and Asian aesthetics.”

Known for his ability to subvert traditional aesthetics and creative problem-solving, Andrade distills his forward-thinking vision into this collaboration. Unlike its predecessors, the new P_Andrade x Rider sandal emerges in vibrant and bold colors, designed to surprise and provide an unexpected touch to the brand’s dyanmic lineup.

The sandals appear in a rich purple and blue hue, which Andrade carefully selected to embody the fusion of innovation and technology. Inspired by the way technology informs our current fashion trends, the sandals embrace the unconventional while also symbolizing both brands’ unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries in today’s fashion landscape.

Sustainability was also at the forefront of Andrade’s mind when designing this collaboration, as the designer shares with us: “The partnership with Rider is constantly evolving. This time, we’ve developed one of the shoes with the lowest carbon footprint in the world. Each piece is produced in a sustainable manner so that at the end of its life cycle, it can be reused by the factory to create something new.”

To learn more about the latest R Next sandal, check out Rider’s official website.

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