Brooklyn-based creative studio MSCHF, while synonymous with outlandish footwear creations, has released a pair of shoes that in comparison to past releases are fairly normal.

The pair in question is the “MSCHF FWD Shoe,” a follow-up on its “BWD” or backward shoe, which featured an unconventional removal of the toe box, allowing for the shoe to be worn both backward or forward by the wearer.

As part of its release in March of 2023, the BWD shoe had a description that teased “BWD Shoes imply the existence of FWD Shoes.” This has now been confirmed, as the “FWD” pair shares the same colorway and overall design makeup, albeit in a more traditional fashion.

The pair features a primarily white upper, complemented by a touch of off-white suede at the toe box and orange suede at the heel. Other details include a black midsole speckled with white paint spatter and decorated with an orange “MSCHF” logo.

This latest creation from MSCHF was released as a shock drop on February 9 via a draw in the MSCHF Sneakers App, with a retail price of $135 USD.

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