First looks have surfaced of a new 2002R Mule by New Balance, dressed in what appears to be the “Refined Future Pack” styling. The shoe is notably reminiscent of the 2021 “Rain Cloud” Protection Pack, a pair that largely kicked off the popularity of the deconstructed silhouette.

Recognizable elements on the mule include dark grey mesh and sued base layers, with lighter grey deconstructed suede layered on top. Other similar design features include the red “Nergy” logo on the yellowed midsole and the understated grey “N” logo outlined with white stitching.

Where the silhouette sees and obvious deviation from the Protection Pack is its tongue, which is laceless, fixed and features perforations for additional breathability and styling. Less obvious, but a style differentiator nonetheless is the suede’s overall finish — compared to the Protection Pack, the “Refined Future Pack” is noticeably smoother or “refined.”

At the time of writing, specific details on pricing and availability have yet to be officially announced, however, it is expected that the mule will be released this year, 2024.

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