Diadora has helmed Italian sportswear for over 75 years, expanding its horizons across running, football, tennis, and more. The pioneering brand has become a go-to for athletes on and off the field, defining athletic uniforms worldwide while continuing to innovate with state-of-the-art technology that makes your workout faster, smoother, and more impactful. From outfitting World War II veterans in battle to creating the first tinted football boot, Diadora’s history is anything but ordinary.

The Italian imprint held an interactive activation in Venice to showcase its boundary-breaking advancements and reveal its athlete lineup for the 2024 Summer Olympics. The event focused on high-speed racing, pushing athletes to reach their full potential held in Venice’s “center of innovation.” After facing bankruptcy in the mid-2000s and battling competitors like Nike and adidas, Diadora is climbing to the top by forging a transformative path for Italian sports. To celebrate its journey thus far, Diadora is promoting six models driving its modernist outlook.

Presented across its “Run Valley” initiative, Diadora’s Blushield, Anima, Anima N2, Anima PBX, XT, and Atomo sneakers transport runners into alternative realms. The distinct mechanics suit runners of all experience levels – whether you’re a casual jogger, competing in your first marathon, or an Olympic Games athlete.

The ‘Blushield’ sees Diadora examine natural foot pathways to limit on-road impact with cushioned outsoles that provide 48% impact absorption and 52% rebound to amount seamless miles anywhere. The Anima fosters stability with 65% reactivity, while XT combines hard and soft rubber materials inspired by ibex hoof anatomy.

Diadora harnesses Made In Italy craftsmanship by collaborating with local artisans to represent the country’s skilled craftmanship, embodied across the Diadora Atomo, which became the first high-mileage running shoe made on Italian soil in 30 years.

Diadora continues to drive change in international sports, giving Hypebeast a first look at the new athletes representing Diadora across track & field, tennis, football, fencing, beach volleyball, speedskating, and motorsports.

The brand’s latest ambassador is Larissa Lapichino, a renowned silver medalist rising through the ranks as Italy’s finest long jumper. The 21-year-old athlete will debut Diadora’s Lungo Carbon long jump sneaker at international competitions this year, fitted with full-length carbon plates and ANIMA PBX insoles that allow her to go higher and faster with instant on-foot response

The Anima N2 is for experienced runners looking to go the extra mile with 40% increased rebound rates, slashing the weight of standard EVA midsoles by almost half. Finally, Diadora’s Anima PBX is the epitome of on-foot innovation, hosting reactive compounds of 80% guided by Arkema Pebax® polymer and heel-to-toe carbon fiber footplates for maximum speed, grip, and durability while in motion.

Additional ambassadors include tennis player Francesco Maestrelli, fencing Olympic champion Martina Favaretto, and speedskating professional Linda Rossi. Laced up and ready to go in Diadora’s latest technology, the brand’s new-gen roster is set to take over the 2024 Paris Olympics this summer.

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