Bravest Studios, still riding the high from its other popular mule releases, now unveils the latest in its audacious line-up: the “POLAR” Bear Claws. Redefining the frontier of statement footwear, these mules sport a luxurious white faux fur coat reminiscent of a polar bear, with striking metallic claws projecting an untamed edge. Each pair sits atop a naturally contoured cork footbed, ensuring that style strides hand in hand with comfort.

The packaging is part of the experience — each pair comes in a fur-covered collector’s shoebox that enhances the allure of what lies within, further cementing the brand’s commitment to an immersive fashion experience. Bravest Studios taps BeenSlackin, the Instagram style influencer known for his unparalleled aesthetic, to front the campaign for the white colorway. 

The Polar Bear Claw Mules drop this Friday, March 29 at 2 p.m. EST, retailing for $110 USD on Fans can also sign up for early access at It’s a sprint to the checkout for this limited release, so mark your calendars to secure your pair.


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