Since its 2002 debut, BAPE’s BAPE STA sneaker has been not only a mainstay for the brand, but for streetwear at large. Throughout its lifetime, the shoe has been seen on the feet of notables like Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pusha T and more. Now the shoe is enlarging its territory with the release of the new BAPE STA OS.

The new sneaker takes on the original personality of the BAPE STA. However, it just makes it bigger and bolder. The STA logo has been boosted – as the “OS” in BAPE STA OS stands for oversized. What also makes the shoe pop is its bicolor upper, which is crafted from premium calf leather. Coming in three colorways, the sneakers see green/white, orange/white and black/white editions.

Aside from the standout oversized STA logo on the lateral wall, the shoe also features a thick white sole with enhanced traction. Take a look at the new model in the gallery above.

Priced at £279 (about $354 USD) BAPE’s BAPE STA OS sneaker is set to release in-store and online on Saturday, January 27.

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