In their latest collaboration, adidas and London-based designer Helen Kirkum breathe new life into the AVRYN and X_PLRBOOST sneakers. Kirkum, renowned for her deconstructed aesthetic within the sneaker industry, applies her unique style to these models, transforming everyday sneaker designs into one-of-a-kind statement pieces using unconventionally utilized stock materials.

The AVRYN is redesigned with subtle yet impactful details such as raw edges and inside-out woven labels. These touches are part of a broader commitment to sustainability, featuring at least 20% recycled materials to minimize environmental impact. The X_PLRBOOST, meanwhile, softens its silhouette with a lively color palette and hand-drawn adidas stripes, featuring a triple webbing loop that enhances its urban functionality. Each design element is infused with the essence of life’s accidental keepsakes, from scuffed shoes to pocketed receipts, making each pair a narrative collage of daily experiences.

This limited edition collection, which includes just 3,000 units per style, will be available starting 3 May. The X_PLRBOOST is priced at $190 USD and the AVRYN at £130 GBP (approximately $165 USD). Find them at select retail stores and online at adidas’ official website.

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