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Que ver en Nicaragua … (Fam Trip Atlantic)

August 7, 2017

Uno de los Fam Trip más lindos e inolvidables que he podido diseñar, organizar y operar en estos últimos años, ha sido el grupo de Atlantic Travel Agency. Todos los participantes eran latinos, llenos de mucha energía positiva, entusiasmo y alegría. Puedo decir sin temor a equivocarme ha sido el mejor grupo que he recibido y no por que los demás hayan sido malos; sino porque desde s

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For Your Next Vacation, Visit a National Park

June 3, 2016


For Your Next Vacation, Visit a National Park1

By George Jenkins


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Visit Cuba During A Cruise Ship Vacation And Experience Something Different

April 13, 2016
Visit Cuba During A Cruise Ship Vacation And Experience Something Different

By George Jenkins

George Jenkins Cruise 
</p srcset=
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Royal Caribbean’s Newest Cruise Ship Debuts This Year

March 22, 2016

George Jenkins Cruise Post March

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line will introduce in May its newest cru

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How to Get More Out of Your Next Cruise

March 9, 2016

George Jenkins 4th post

My wife and I love cruises. We’ve taken 25 cruise ship vacations to most parts of the world, including Alask

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Choose the Cruise Itinerary and Destination that’s Right for You

March 3, 2016

One big benefit of cruise vacations is that–based on your interests–you choose an itinerary with both a departure port to sail from and several destination ports to visit. An itinerary also includes several days at sea for you to enjoy everything the ship offers. Popular departure ports in the United States include Baltimore (Maryland), Boston (Massachusetts), Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Honolulu

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Finding the Best Cruise Line and Ship

February 28, 2016

“What’s the best cruise line?”

I’ve been asked that many times by people who know I’ve traveled on cruise ship vacations. My travels have included 25 sailings to ports in the Caribbean, Alaska, the Panama Canal, Bermuda, the Mediterranean Sea, and Europe. Frankly, the best cruise line depends upon your interests and lifestyle.

That’s not a dodge. It’s the truth. I’ll

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Why Take a Cruise?

February 23, 2016

pic 1 G. Jenkins 1st post

Cruise ship vacations are a fun, relaxing time:

Learn How to choose a Caribbean Island for Vacationing

January 26, 2016

There are many different islands through out the carribean. Even though many are miles apart they are nothing alike. The beat of that Jamaican drum and bass for instace is nothing like the packed sandy beaches and rhythmic melody playing through out the bars and ocean front beach resorts in Aruba. Islands close to one another at eyes sight like Nevis and St Kitts are far from alike, from what they

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