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“Best excursion ever….”

Atlantic Travel did it again with an exceptional experience to the Holy Land! Best national guide ever to Israel!

Niagara Falls was amazing…

I took my first trip to Niagara Falls with Atlantic Travel and it was worth every penny!! Emilio and the tour guide were friendly and very helpful, they also gave us lots of nice information about the places we visited. I would definitely do it again….

Love Atlantic Travel Agency!!!

One of the best travel agencies I’ve had the pleasure to work with. They helped us plan simple trips to Dominican Republic and Bahamas all the way to our honeymoon in Bora Bora. They are all well-trained and can offer you those inside secrets to your vacation destinations, will get you the best prices and know which rooms have the greatest view at the right price at those special resorts. Need to change flights last minute, done with no hassle. Extend your stay? No problem. These guys and gals do it all.

Love Atlantic Travel Agency!!!

Great experience will book again….

I’ve traveled a fair amount in my time, used a number of different travel agencies, but I’ve never had better service than I’ve had here. The owner here is particularly good. He really puts in an extra effort, and usually manages to take a few dollars off even the best fares I can find online.

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